Company introduction

"Aerdida" of deferred and brand building in 1999, ten DuoNian to products have been sold to Europe and other international markets, products for the cultural art and sports combine together for product design guiding idea. In recent years, the company pays attention to intellectual property rights protection, "and" of Chinese recursion, trademark and "AERDIDA" and LOGO design successively in the state trademark and Russia to apply for the registration. 

In 2009, the company is in anhui province to create more than 20000 square meters of production base, the current production staff for 800 DuoRen, basic has ten years garment production and management experience, all products all adopt Japanese production lines, ensure each procedures are 100% qualified to leave the factory. We have dozens of high culture, high quality, innovative concept design team, not performed periodically learn professional knowledge, all software and hardware are using international advanced clothing design tools and facilities, to make "o" of the brand cultivation and pass for a true art and movement of perfect combination of daily and professional sports international dress brand will be our every "and" of recursion, o people unremitting pursuit. 

The latest products

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